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Chris Penree
Photographer @ Green Couch Studios   |   Director of Photography @ Apex Auto Magazine
high-fiving, thumbs-uping, animal hugging, nature wandering, image maker guy

I’m a freelance photographer which allows me to meet and capture the souls of interesting people, free many beers from their prison known as “bottles” and hang out the back of moving vehicles to take blurry images of fast cars.

Instagram has become a kind of addiction for me. I love the community there and how everyone is open and welcoming. It’s a great way to share your slice of life and see the world through the eyes of someone across the world. Follow me on there: @cpenree

I’m born and raised in Utica, New York. A few years ago I would not have claimed that as a badge of honor, but as I’ve grown up, I’ve realised how great an area this is! It’s become an amazing community that I’m proud to call home. Go Comets!

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